Haier Vacuum Tube 250 Liters

Vacuum tube solar water heater

  • Corrosion resistant tank

    • Welding free craft adopted for tank forming. Side cover and the tank are pressed together without girth welding.
      Special welding-free structure design for fixing water inlet/outlet pipes on the tank.
    • Special B445J1M stainless steel material, high resistant to Chlorine ion in the water to protect the tank from corrosion.

    High insulation performance

    • Horizontal injection foaming technology, ensures uniform density of PUF covering of the tank.
    • PUF insulation.

    High quality controller

    • Excellent weathering resistance. The controller is tested for 120 hours under tough conditions of 85% humidity and 85°C, ensures excellent performance in hot and humid regions.
    • The buttons are tested with 70,000 times continuous pressing test, ensures long lasting use.
  • Anti-freeze function

    • The controller can work with an additional electric heat trace tape covering on the water pipe to heat the water pipe by 15 minutes with every 45 inutes interval time
    • Welding-free tank with 445J1M stainless steel which is against from cl-for corrosion resistance
    • High density insulation performance
    • High quality temperature and water level sensor
    • High quality controller
    • LED display to indicate current water temperature and water level
    • 1.5kW Electric heater
    • The heater controlled by the controller can heat water up to 80°C, while the default setting is 50°C, and the minimum is 30°C
    • The controller can work in a wide voltage range between 85V and 265V, and can endure instant voltage up to 1500V
    • User can preset desired water temperature and the on & off time. The system will heat water to the preset temperature at the "on" time and switch off at the "off" time
    • The SWH will restart automatically after power resumption and keep the previous settings

    Water recharge modes

    • The electromagnetic valve will be automatically opened to feed in water to preset level at preset time or when water in the tank drops to V4 ofthe tank volume
    • End user can recharge water manually by pressing the button to the preset level (default is to fill the tank with full of water)
    • For regions where water pressure is too low, the controller can control an additional pump with maximum power of 200W for water recharge
  • Model

    Vacuum Tube 250 Liters

    System Direct, integral, thermosiphon
    Working pressure (Bar) 0
    Collector Tube dimensions (mm) Ø58*1800
    Tube number 22
    Frame Angle 35°
    Frame material Steel board plating with zinc
    Tank volume (L) 200
    Tank Water volume (L) 253
    Inner tank material Stainless steel 445J1M
    Inner tank thickness (mm) 0.4
    Case material Steel board plating with zinc and AL
    Electric backup power (kW) 1.5
    Insulation Material PUF
    Pipe size 3/4"
    Pipe material SUS304