Haier Flat Panel 300 Liters

Flat panel solar water heater

    • Direct system circulating water directly in thermosiphon model
    • Optional anti-freeze valve available: to be fixed at the bottom of the collector, it will drip water when temperature drop to 4°C and stop when it reaches tore
    • Optional thermo-arrest valve for over-heat proof available: to be fixed on the circulation pipe, it will stop water circulation when water temperature reaches to 80°C
    • Mounting kits optional for flat or slope roofs available.
    • Optional electric heater available for all capacities
    • Suitable for regions with temperature above freezing point

  • Model

    Flat Panel 300 Liters

    System Certification CE
    Tank Volume (L) 300
    Collector Number 2
    System Type Direct, Thermosiphon
    Support Frame Material Galvanized Steel
    Installation Type Slope Roof, Flat Roof
    Tank Outer Tank Dimensions (mm) Ø600*1770
    Inner Tank Material Enameled
    Diameter of inner tank (mm) Ø500
    Diameter of Outer Tank (mm) Ø600
    Insulation Material PUF
    Insulation Thickness (mm) 50
    Electric Backup Power (kW) 1.6
    Rated Pressure (Bar) 8.5
    Cold Water Inlet G 3/4'
    Hot Water Outlet G 3/4'